Not receiving closure may just be the closure you need

After a relationship ends on bad terms some of us tend to seek closure in order to move on. We want to feel a sense of resolution to help move us onto accepting the fact that the relationship is over. For some this is what we need to move on, for others it might be an reason not to move on. Often not every relationship you are involved in will allow for the door to be closed fully closed.  Its okay to close that door on your own because curiosity could end up killing the cat, and lead to you to a place where you might not want to end up. There are times where we do know in fact that the relationship is over, do you need concrete evidence from your significant other? Sometimes we move on to soon giving ourselves a false sense of closure. Then there are times when we take too long to ever really move on because we feel that we’ve never received the closure we needed to close that final chapter.

closure photo

If you can relate to this then this article is for you. We sometimes get stuck in that phase because sometimes your significant other might rob you of that by choosing not to, either because they feel you are not deserving of it, or because they want to keep you around for a little longer. Well my beautiful reader I am here to tell you that it’s your life, and while you enjoy the ride don’t ever let someone else take control of your wheel and steer you into the wrong direction. Don’t ever get to the point where you need an answer to decide to move on, if your lover is stubborn, or severed ties with you before giving you any closure then you might not get that closure you need want to move on.

Closure is not necessary, and it is not needed to move on

closure photo 2

In the end there would definitely need to be a proper structure of communication between the two of you in order to express this. If the communication is broken for whatever reason and you feel the need for closure that you might not get at instant (and by instant I mean that if there wasn’t obvious signs or evidence that you can figure out on hour own) answer, all you can do is let time take its course to make another attempt. Closure is not necessary, and it is not needed to move on . Even though it might help with the process of moving on, try not to get hung up over it, or put your life on hold until that day comes. Because not getting closure may be the closure you need, it might not be what you expect but it might be the closure you need. Free your thoughts and watch them fly ~SWV.


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