Love the one that loves you more

I once heard a saying back home “Love the one who loves you more” and that stuck in my head ever since. If Celine Dion had the opportunity to hear of this saying, her song “To love you more would of never existed”.  The saying simply means that it is best to be in a relationship with someone who loves you more than you love them. There can be so many reasons why this may be something that can be factual .

My reasons being that you definitely wouldn’t be taken advantage of easily, they say love is blind, at least this time you will be able to see. Women tend to be stereotyped as the gender type whom tend to seek interest in men, that often doesn’t return the mutual feeling. In other words we (women), tend to over look men that are their types (that more than likely ARE), for whatever reason. One of those reasons can be, having unrealistic ideals, which can cover from not being physically unattractive, to being financially unstable. Reasons that are unthinkable, that more than likely do not exist…

The definition of ideal is “ A conception of something in its perfection.”

But yeah, getting back on topic, most women will more than likely be able to recognize at least one good man they met in their lives, who they pushed to the side so that they can pursue someone with  more to offer. The person that genuinely loves you more, may not be the person that suits your ideal but they may be what you need. The definition of ideal is “ A conception of something in its perfection.” Ideal stems from the word idea, It is something that exists only in the imagination. We tend to think that we have the answer as to what a perfect lover/soul mate should be from what we believe in our head, which is an idea, which may have been influenced by music, television, or books. In the end an idea can be just that, a thought, not something that is realistic.

These men are not often what you may want but what you need. Its’s just like kids eating their vegetables, they don’t want them, but they are planted in their lives and need them way more than they would want them. These men can show or give you what you need, with that you can grow together to love one another. Some people often miss out on opportunities because the person that is head over heels with them might not suit the ideal image of who they (think) should be with. So that leaves the question ” Do you even know what you want in an ideal man?”  Sometimes, your ideals may not exist.

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