The Real Reason why 21 Savage Immigration Case will be Savage in the Court Room

Could 21 Savages Case be the break that DACA needed?

Many people do not realize how 21 Savages Immigration case will be so important to others in this detrimental time. To others he is just a high profile celebrity making headlines. To others “he might just be the missing link in the case for Dreamers who are protected under DACA act.” For those in the back that hasn’t listening Dreamers refer to young men and women who were brought to the the United states illegally as children or teens by their parents, and DACA the acronym for the executive order Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals. This act that President Donald Trump ordered to end in September 5th, 2017. Those affected by the DACA and DREAM Act are referred to as “Dreamers” according to (read up more on these acts )

Now 21 Savage whose real name is  Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph who is now established to be British born (see article 21 things to know about 21 Savage by BBC News) unlike most immigrants he did not enter the country illegally he just overstayed his visit, but it still doesn’t omit the fact that he is now an illegal immigration.

Caught in the crossfire

This case is going to be national news not because he is a celebrity but because he is in the same shoes as one a DREAMER. If they let him get away with this they will open the flood gates and have to to the same for other DACA or dreamers. His lawyers are going to work they ass off to get him out so this might be possible. Oooor they can let him go and sweep it under the rug to avoid any one else to get off. Either way God let this happen, they needed a high profile person to go through this to give it its much needed recognition. People need to know that it is not right to allow a person to suffer because of a choice that was made for them when they were not old enough to be held accountable, so why hold them when they are an adult?

So his case is will be an important key to the fight for DACA by giving it the much needed recognition its needed. Standing behind him will be many others in his shoes. Hopefully once he gets sorted out he use his experience the same way Meek Mill did.

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