Unexpecting the Expected

Imagine focusing more on how your life story will end over the narrative that leads up to it?

By doing this you will begin to alter your entire story in order to achieve the happy ending that have seen beforerepeatedly. It’s comparable to reading an interesting book or watching a movie to have someone drop a spoiler alert, how boring and uninteresting would that story/movie become now that you are already aware of the ending? or Why is it that some people sometimes expect a fairy tale ending in their life? Do you sometimes feel that society has normalize living a copy and paste lifestyle, which after a while becomes conditioned into believing that it is the life that is destined to be?

Fairy tales from the beginning of time were written to end in a Matrimonial union of some sort. Making one to perceive that it is the only happy ending to life. Fairy tales are fictional stories, yet it fuels our desires of a perfect romance. It also portrays that the only happy ending should involve the union of a particular type of couple even though we live in a world with a variety of non-traditional couples, ie, same gender, polygamous, opposites couples.

What I am trying to say is that most fairy tales were told from a narrow perspective. Not only fairy tales but also, many Romance movies/ novels are similar, simply because it is influenced by these traditional stories. If only those stories were told from a perspective reassuring that non- traditional endings are not the only Happy endings that exists:

  • Marriage may or may not be for everyone and that is fine. Yet there is a good feeling to find your better half because there is someone there for everyone.
  • Babies May or may not for everyone and that is fine. To share a mother child bond is something that is unexplainable and beautiful.
  • Singlehood may or may not be for everyone and that is fine. Yet to be able to love yourself selflessly and use your time to self-love is something strong and self-fulfilling. Nothing is wrong with giving from a full cup.
  • Monogamy may and may not for everyone and it is fine. Three or more heads may be better than one.
  • Heterosexuality may and may not for everyone and it is fine. Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and color.

” Happiness can be drawn from so many types of situations and accomplishments.”

A person can travel the world and their experience can be considered a happily ever after. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that a fairy tale ending is not attainable or wrong. If a person’s true happiness is finding someone then by all means do it, but it should not be made as if it should be everyone’s pursuit to happiness. By painting this picture that a particular way is the only way, people who don’t relate to that way may feel that they don’t fit in the equation, or feel that they are doing something wrong, because the particular way stems from tradition.

Any accomplishment should be considered a Happy Every After. Not because something is tradition, because we all know some traditions are just generational rules that we follow, and we have all witnessed that not all traditions are positive.

All in all, there can be many different happy endings to your story. It’s time for us to create new fairy tales, ones that will be inclusive to most situations, that we all can relate to and embrace. Now that the narratives and traditions really are changing so shall our characters, everyone deserves a happy ending, even though it might be the unexpected ending.

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