Food for thought

Bad Energy Stay Far Away!

Be careful of the energy that surrounds you and know how to decipher people who falsely support you and dismiss the negative energy like Thank you, NEXT.

If you feel that someone is constantly bringing you bad news that relates to you in some sort of way to bring you down, chances are that you’re probably right . Not everyone is willing to take that L in admitting when they are wrong. Instead they would rather pray against your success and see you fail in order to prove themselves right.

Why? because it makes them feel less insecure that the expectations they had of you were wrong to begin with. Those type of people don’t like to see when you exceed their expectations, especially after they either failed in convincing you, or anticipated that you wouldn’t. Not everyone around you want to see you win, especially if you were brave enough to make a move that they were to afraid to make to begin with.