What is more important when meeting someone for the first time the introduction or the connection?

For most, the introduction will be the gateway in determining whether or not you should further pursue the connection. As for others if they are lucky enough, that connection could be all that is needed for the introduction.

So there I was sitting in the AMC theater watching Long Weekend, a story about this guy who was at his lowest point in life unexpectedly meets the girl of his dreams. The next day he starts bragging to his best friend about how beautiful, smart and fun the lady was that he had just met. There was just one catch, he knew nothing about this mystery woman. He didn’t realize it until he was asked by his friends asked him where she was from and what did she do?

Honestly at that point he didn’t really care about knowing until he was asked. His response was that at that point he had just met this wonderful woman and in that moment the question wasn’t significant to ask because it was not the main focus of his night. They enjoyed their company so much that it wasn’t the highlight of their night. The chemistry they had was the sole focus on getting to know each other for who they were, their personality and character. Not the status, where they came from, or what their career choice was. They were living in that moment, not the past , not the present but that moment.

Then I thought to myself, how many people are guilty of doing this? I mean of course you would want to know that you are not dating someone from the most wanted list but at what point does that information matter?

Just imagine that you meet a person or let’s say a friend of yours has a match-in mind for you and the first thing that comes to your mind is “What does he/ she do for a living ?” Sometimes, or most of the time people may miss out on a great connection because they often look for status or class rather than looking for that genuine raw connection. Honestly there are so many variables when it comes to meeting someone you can’t just judge on the outer appearance no matter what it is.

It’s possible for you to meet a person that may be a successful ,egotistical, asshole or someone that is a lower class asshole. So either/ or a person’s social class or background should not be a deal breaker when decide to further pursue a connection but rather the genuineness or authenticity of whom that person is. When you get to know a person without judging then it gives you the opportunity to know the person for their personality.

So when meeting someone for the first time, try to establish that connection first, then after if it’s a must , ask about their career, or where they are from etc… It may be best to pursue the connection first before getting too personal too soon. Don’t get me wrong sometimes asking may lead to a conversation of mutual interest so if you choose that route be open minded about it. If you ask me I would just say live in the moment.

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