Things to avoid that can make your first date less awkward

Many of us often find our self reliving the first date like a reoccurring nightmare. Sometimes we can be unaware of our habits, and if it is not brought to attention, it can go unnoticed. Have you ever heard about social awkwardness?, well I call it dating awkwardness. Here are some common mistakes that might might keep you stagnant when it comes to moving beyond a first date.

What to avoid:

  • Find out In advance about the dress code for the date. It is important to know if you should dress up or dress down. If your date wants to keep it a surprise just ask if you are to dress dressy or casual. You don’t want to wear a dress, or dressy shoes and a tie to an amusement park.

chivalry is not dead, as yet

  • Be courteous- It impresses a female to know that chivalry is not dead, as yet (even though its hanging on for dear life). Open doors, pull out chairs, those subtle gestures should never become a thing of the past. Manners and respect will never be overrated. No matter how much social media glorifies disrespect.
  • Avoid assigning pet names, it’s just creepy and awkward to have someone calling you something like baby all night.
  • Dominating the conversation by talking about yourself. Try not to mention too much of the ME ME ME’s or I I I’s.

Nobody wants to hear about an ex

  • Talking about past exes or dates. It makes you look bitter and still caught up. You can talk about your past if you choose, because the point of a date to get to know each other, but try not to dwell on certain topics that will make you seem bitter or obsessed. Plus, nobody wants to hear about an ex.
  • No technology, put all phones away that may be a distraction. You won’t sit at work, in church or in class scrolling through social media, or having a chat. Keep that same energy with your date in your presence. Show some table etiquette.
  • Keep your hands to yourself, unless you get the okay to do other wise. Light touching like holding hands, placing hands anywhere below the shoulder line can be a bit much, awkward and forward.
  • Getting drunk-Control your alcohol intake, especially if you are on a date with someone unfamiliar. No one likes a sloppy drunk, Or even worse…an emotional drunk. Plus you don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you are in a state where you cannot be in control.

Be mindful of the type of questions to ask, try not to be offensive or too foward

  • Getting too personal- Be mindful of the type of questions to ask, try not to be offensive or too forward. Asking about someone’s sexual past, or financial information is nothing to be disclosing with a stranger.
  • Dating above your means.
  • Carry enough money- Even if you are invited out, you should always have extra money on hand just in case the date goes left (your date cannot cover the bill, you need to catch a taxi because your date drank too much). If your date intends to pay the bill then offer to leave the tip.
  • Be open minded remember you were not on a date with yourself you are on a date to get to know each other and in order to get to know a person you have to be open and willing to knowing them.

How To Make It Past The First Date

Have you Ever wonder how many first dates you have been on, and out of those first dates how many made it to the second? Some people don’t even realize that they are stuck in the cycle of first dates. It gets exhausting and repetitive after a while having to ask the same questions. I recently stumbled a comment in quora about a person who went on 20 first dates, with only one leading to a second date. Another person wrote that they went on 56 first dates,and out of the 56 dates only 20% made it to to a second date, 5/6 to a third, and one was a keeper.
There is no rule stating that a first date have to be formal. Factors like trying to make meaningful connections should take precedence. It seems that noways people tend to get caught up on the venue, or cost, rather than the vibes, or connection from the interaction itself.

Below are 3 important factors needed for a successful first date:

You want to impress your date by taking them to a place of interest that is in sync with their personality or your personality

• Be Impressive – You want to impress your date by taking them to a place of interest that is in sync with their personality or your personality. It allows for you both to feel comfortable by placing you in your element which can spark conversation about them or you.

Inexpensive– You want to be able to take your date somewhere that doesn’t have a drive through window. Somewhere that will make you both comfortable, and by that I don’t mean by breaking the bank because there is nothing comfortable about an empty bank account.

No distractions– Going to movie on a first date will allow no room for conversation. If you decide to, try a having dinner and then a movie, and by dinner it doesn’t need to be a 4 star establishment. It doesn’t need to be a fast food restaurant either. Try something in between, like local restaurants are just that, plus it adds a bit of charm as opposed to a regular chain restaurant.

A good tip on helping with your deciding factor is to try to know a little about your date before asking them out on a first date

A good tip on helping with the deciding factor is to try to know a little about your date before asking them out on a date. A brief conversation can reveal if a person is adventurous, artistic, classy etc.

Below are 14 Inexpensive yet Impressive Date Ideas that will leave an impression with your date and your pockets

Wine Tasting / Groves

Fruit Harvesting

Fair/ Amusement Park

Zoo/ Aquarium

Murder Mystery

Skating/ Ice Skating

Cooking/ Baking Class

Wine & Arts

Mini Golf



Boat/ Ferry Ride


Food Tasting

The focal point on a date should be about making a connection. Make sure that you are able to market yourself to your date. Be genuine, listen, and get a feel about your date, and make you both are on one accord. Take a person out that you think have potential and is not just in it for a ride. This is where your gut instincts and communication strategy comes into play, because in the end, no venue, or effort into planning a date will take precedence over a person that just isn’t interested in dating.